The Story of Gertrude
Raffy, the Mighty Merman
David of the Planet Lima
Gregory, the Prince of Dwarfs
Super Zander
Flying Stone Man
Flying Ape Man
Flying Super Robot
Aramina, the Beautiful Mermaid
Just Us in Tagalog
Another Angle of Love in Tagalog
Geron at Sophia

Super Zander in Tagalog
The Original Super Zander Tagalog Version
Super Andrew
Little Super Zander
The Powers of Super Zander Revealed
Last Chapter of Super Zander

The Washing Basin of the Mermaid Aramina
The Secret of the Mermaid Curse

Carlos Made a Call

The Powers and Weapons of the Dwarfs

Raffy's New Home

Raffy's Water Power

David's Second Battle

David's Third Battle
David's Final Battle

Google Easy Math Strategy